All lessons for clients with a Class 7 Learner Licence, take place using our modified, ICBC Inspected training car and all training centers around developing pro-active/defensive driving skills, in a safe, relaxed environment. We will choose convenient pick up and drop off spots prior to lessons. With One on One Driving School Inc., lesson content is personalized to each clients needs.


We can help people with all different levels of experience form brand new drivers with no experience to very experienced class 5 drivers who have been called for a re-exam and everything in between, our focus is always on helping you become the best driver you can be, by keeping things simple, safe, relaxed and fun! 


Need more information? Not sure what you/your child needs? Call or text me, I will gladly answer any questions you have and help you decide what the best option is for you.

Individual Lessons

Lessons can be 60 minutes ($78.00) or 90 minutes ($115.00) in duration. Clients can take as many or few lessons as wanted, on a pay as you go format. 

Individual lessons are available for all Class 7L, 7N and class 5 licence holders.

Lesson Packages

Discounted price when paid in full on or before the first lesson. Each lesson is typically one hour or more in duration. Lessons can be scheduled as close together or as far apart as best suits each client and both of our schedules. All lesson content is suited to the needs of each individual client.

5 Hour Package ($350.00) 
Our most popular package for preparing for the Class 7 road test (to get your "N"ovice licence), if you still need to learn parallel parking, reverse stall parking etc., but have a good 40 plus hours of well rounded experience already. 

7 Hour Package ($475.00)

1 way this package can be used: for the Learner that may need a bit more help. A few lessons early on in training to get the basics, then a lesson or 2 later on to work on more complexed parking skills then a lesson or 2 saved for road test prep.

10 Hour Package ($675.00)

This package can provide in depth training in all aspects of driving, complexed intersection work, how to deal with emergency situations, city and highway driving, parking and reversing skills, more in-depth work on how to be a pro-active driver and road test prep.

15 Hour Package ($990.00)
Great option if you have limited access to practice time and are relying on us to teach you all aspects of driving, leading right up to a road test.

Road Test Package (145.00) 
2 Hours - 1 hour for a pre test warm up and 1 hour for car use in the Road Test. 

*To qualify for the road test package you must have completed one of our other packages and you must have done the practice needed to be ready to drive on your own.*

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