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Over 14 years of ICBC Certified Class 7/5 Driver Training Experience.

Fully Qualified 

By ICBC following B.C.Motor Vehicle Act requirements.  

One on One Driving School is a 100% locally owned and operated, Qualicum Beach based Driving School that serves Port Alberni and Qualicum Beach. Fully Licensed, insured and bonded as legally required by the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act and ICBC. The school has been providing exceptional training and getting high ratings and outstanding results since the current Owner/Instructor purchased the school in 2006.


Owner and Instructor, Jill Booker, is a fully qualified and certified professional Driving Instructor for B.C. Class 7/5 GLP. Over 14 years of instructors experience, a lifetime of safe driving, and excellent teaching skills have enhanced my quality of work. A few personal attributes that contribute to my success as an exceptional Instructor: nurturing, calm, patient, friendly, punctual, organised, easy to be around and speak to.


I have developed great teaching techniques that have proven to be extremely effective and easy to understand. I also pride myself in being a very organised, reliable business owner who feels exceptional customer service is another key to success.


I have helped thousands of clients in all stages of obtaining and maintaining a B.C. Drivers licence. Whether you are an extremely nervous and inexperienced first time Learner, a Novice driver preparing for the Class 5 road test, a new B.C. resident that is required to take a class 5 test, I have had amazing success with all. I believe driving is a privilege that needs to be taken seriously, I will always focus on the safety aspects of driving for a client and everyone sharing the road. I also believe that obtaining a drivers licence and all the opportunities that it can provide is life changing. Learn to drive safely and confidently with us.

Why Choose us?

  • Dual control training car

  • Excellent teaching skills

  • Highly recommended & rated

  • Flexible schedule

  • Friendly, patient, calm learning environment


When this perfectionist Venezuelan journalist called desperately to ask for literally "a miracle", Jill Booker did not hesitate. Not even when I described the differences between the ICBC and the INTT (National Institute of Terrestrial Transport) or sent her a YouTube video featuring the chaotic driving conditions in Caracas.

"I won't give up on you", she said many times in her cheerful tone. I replied "I never quit" and laughed. I have never seen such passion, ethic, kindness and patience. Jill is going to have an everlasting influence not only on my driving, but on my life.


My miracle has just happened. I obtained my Class 5 diver's licence. It was a team effort that required listening attentively and becoming my counsellor whenever the daily routine challenged me or clouded my mind. Jill also needed to find incredible visual cues for me (an extremely visual learner) to understand certain rules and other drivers' behaviour.

She shared with me many stories of success from local people and migrants like myself. Grannies, teens, etc... Happy ending guaranteed! Cultural awareness is another strength. Jill is also a great community member willing to make Port Alberni roads become safer.

Discounts, offering me any sessions that had been cancelled by other clients, integrating my shopping or errands as part of the lessons to boost my confidence and help me out, are some of those wonderful details that make this instructor admirable.

Ambar Varela

One on One Driving School has not only helped me accomplish passing my N test, but also my Class 5 test. Jill's way of teaching is so supportive to 'new' and 'not so new' drivers, I would recommend that you don't go anywhere else for training! Her calm way of teaching really helps when your nerves are already set high, and her patience makes it easy to learn safe driving. A huge "Thank you" to Jill for helping me with all of my driver training and getting me through my exams over the past 3 years!

Hannah Schuhmann

Dear Jill,

We want to thank you so much for your work with our son, Noah, in getting his N. Because he had tried in the past, but hadn't been able to manage his nerves, passing his N test with flying colours was a huge confidence boost for him and a really big deal.

After every lesson with you, we could see his confidence growing, and what really sealed the deal was having you with him on testing day. That lesson right before his exam, and then your presence at the site, made the difference. What a great experience for him.

We really do feel that you didn't just help him with his driver's taught him how to manage anxiety while doing something difficult. As parents, we just don't know how to thank you enough. All we can think to do is tell everyone we know to send their kids to you!

all the best.

Sandy Faust and Dave Robinson

I highly recommend that anyone looking to learn how to drive, or just brush up on your skills give Jill Booker from One on One Driving School a call. I could not have been more impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and incredibly personable Jill. I was so nervous to get lessons, or even to drive at all and she calmed me down and had me comfortable in the first hour. Wow. They say the third time is the charm (third time with my learners!) but I have to say that without the help of Jill Booker from One on One Driving School I would undoubtedly have let yet another learners permit expire. I can't thank you enough Jill. Seriously. Looking forward to my brush up lessons to get rid of my N in a couple of years!!!! THANKS!!!!

Kim Arseneau

This is such a great Driving School....thanks for all your hard work and patience with the youngest Wong, without you and Greg there is no way he would be booked for his driving test!! Thanks so much!!

Sheri Wong

Living in a new city with a less convenient transportation system, I knew that I had to quickly become a safe and independent driver. I did my research online and I hadn't made up my mind on a driving school until I spoke to Jill on the phone for the first time. She seemed kind, patient, and confident in her teaching. Since pricing is comparable between companies, I decided to ask Jill if she would take me on. She was able to find time around my work schedule, which included her picking me up from work (much out of her way) and dropping me off at home. She quickly understood what kind of learner I was and framed her lessons in a manner that would make sense to me. She taught me what I needed to know to not only pass my "N" on my first try, but also what I needed to know to become a safe driver. Two months after lessons with Jill, I had the confidence and the ability to parallel park, reverse stall park, and all of those other "difficult" tasks that we need to safely manoeuvre as drivers. I would recommend Jill to anyone who is hoping to learn or refresh confidence on the road. Thanks again, Jill!

Rose Doerksen

I had the good fortune of taking the Full ICBC GLP course with One on One Driving School and it was very helpful! 

Jill and Greg were awesome and were able to answer all the questions I had. Because of this course I passed my N test on my first try the day I became eligible and just recently passed my full drivers test, again on my first try on the day I became eligible, which was also 6 months sooner than if I didn't take this course. 

It is so wonderful to be able to drive around without having to worry about over-passengering or all the other restrictions of an N but more importantly I now feel that I am a safer and confidant driver. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Lauren Christensen 

I can't say enough about One on One Driving School. I live in Vancouver and the next available driving exam date was four months away! With the winter season fast approaching and my children desperately wanting me to be able to drive them to school for the very first time, I was frantically trying to figure out how to be able to get this done quickly. Thankfully, I was able to find an exam date in Port Alberni and immediately contacted Jill to see if she could help me out. She was so amazing with all her communications back and forth and I felt like I knew her before I even arrived in PA. She fit me into her schedule and worked on getting me familiar with the PA area. I immediately felt confident with her and all her explanations of all the little things I needed filling in was finally resolved. I have to tell you if anyone is having problems reverse-stall parking, she is the one to go to. Holy cow, first go I did it and you should have seen the big smile on her face. I was so excited and more excited the day of my exam when I had passed!! Jill was indeed a blessing for me! Thank you so much Jill for your amazing instruction, calm and non-judgmental nature and being there the morning of my exam really helped me!

Michele Monahan

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